The journey is the reward!

In my portfolio you will find 3 tours, which will give you a nice overview about Mainz.

I'm constantly working on new routes and I'm happy to receive your feedack on tours. I'm also planning some "special runs" for the future, connected to certain events in Mainz, so everybody can find a tour that's best for his or her needs.


Perfect for all of you who want to see the classic sights of Mainz. The route guides you towards the cathedral and "Fischtor", as well as up to the citadel. You will see more than 10 sights on this course.

Length: approx. 6 km

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

Heartbeat of the city

You want to experience nightlife in Mainz? Where can you get the best food? Where is a nice place to have a few drinks and which location is best to have a little party? You will get my recommendations on this tour!

Length: approx. 6 km

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

Green, green, green

Even though you may love the city-life, sometimes you just need a break and a nice green place sounds like paradise. Fortunately, here in Mainz you don't have to go far to reach your perfect chillout-zone. There are numerous areas like the "Volkspark" or meadows beneath the rhine river - decide yourself which you like most.

Length: aprrox. 7 km

Duration: aprrox. 60 minutes