Live, love, run!

Hey, I'm Julia, 30 years old, dreamer, runner and obsessed with finding the little things, that make your everydaylife a bit more colourful.

Following my heart, I moved from Koblenz to Mainz in early 2015.

Ever since I love to explore every tiny space of the city by running a variation of routes. I also got lost a few times in the beginning but thanks to GPS I always found my way back home. 

For me, running is a lifestyle, not only a sport. Mainz is an urban playground and I inhale the power of the city. 

I also like participating in races (5k up to marathon) every once in a while. The next big thing for me is my first ultra-marathon but I got one simple rule: If you like it: do it. If not: don't. 

Runspiration: Robin Arzòn, Katherine Switzer, Florian Neuschwander

Personal motto: "Do epic shit!"

"Life is for participating, not for spectating." - Katherine Switzer